We are a parachurch ministry that administrates and leads short term mission trips to support missionaries and the global church in the Spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


John is a true servant leader with eyes that see all of God’s people regardless of nationality or social status. He is not afraid to serve Jesus by putting his hands to physical labor to take care of orphans, widows, and the poor of this world. He has simple, childlike faith in that he believes if God says it, He will do it! He is dedicated to praying and studying God’s word so that he can lead people in God’s work in the power of unity and love. The cry of his hear is Here Am I Lord! Send Me!

Luanna is a God loving, Jesus serving, friend of the Holy Spirit. She has a passion for the nations of the world, planted in her heart by the Lord. She spends her time supporting the local churches, teaching God’s truths that are found in the Holy Word of God, and developing others to find their God given potential and destinies. It is her heart’s desire to see God’s children working together as one to prepare the way for Jesus’ return. For that to happen, every ear must hear the name of Jesus. Who will go? She will! And invites you to join her.


John and Luanna Lacey are graduates of Tabernacle International Church School of Ministry and Tabernacle Bible College. They received their ordination into the Gospel Ministry under the authority of Tabernacle International Church. Luanna is currently pursuing her masters in Evangelism and Leadership at Wheaton University.


Paul Sprague Jr and his wife Ingrid Mojica Rodriguez are missionaries living in Soledad Atlántico, Colombia. Paul has been actively doing ministry with Here Am I Ministries since 2005. They are currently serving in their home church Banderas de Victoria and uniting with other local churches to serve in their communities. They partner with missions and evangelist ministries in training and equipping youth to bring the Gospel to the streets in their neighborhoods. Paul and Ingrid are accepting donations through Here Am I Ministries to support their vision to see souls brought to the kingdom of God through the local church. If you wish to donate to them, please write "Paul Colombia" in the comment section with you donate. If you are interested in going with HAI to Colombia please contact us under the GO menu.


Jeannette is a pastor’s kid who grew up in NYC. She is very familiar with the challenges that believers face in a post-modern world. Jeannette is an intricate part of the happenings at Here Am I Ministries. It is her hearts desire for all people of all nations to experience God’s love and grace from the inside out. She flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and is a witness that miracles happen in the presence of the Lord.